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Action and Reaction

January 15, 2013

As I was flying last night, I caught news that there are up to 19 possible executive order actions that the administration feels it can take to curb gun violence.  Of course, we really don’t know what any of those are, but the speculation is running to the pretty benign, at least from most perspectives.  I’m guessing you can qualify that as action, if you squint at it the right way.  Even as members of congress start to back off about the ban on assult weapons (whatever they are), there is new outrage at the real perpetrator of the violence… the NRA of course.

Just weeks after the National Rifle Association forcefully blamed violent video games for gun violence, the gun-rights organization has released a new shooter game for kids as young as four.

NRA: Practice Range, a new app in the iTunes store, was released Sunday by the nation’s largest gun-industry lobby. It features a 3D-shooting range and offers users simulated target practice.

Well, thanks.  I’m glad that you guys can call a target range game somewhat akin to what you’d find at a carnival the same as Call of Duty: Let’s Shoot Everyone… or whatever they’re called.  And remember, I don’t really have a problem with video games.  But apparently MSNBC does.  Unless you count this, this, this, or this video talking about Black Ops… and I just got tired of linking from one Google search.  So if we’re going to blame the NRA for shooting at bullseyes and stylized range targets, could we perhaps show a bit of outrage for people who can’t report straight on whether they’re for or against video games involving guns, let alone ones involving killing people?

Look, I get the strategy here… news sells.  And right now bashing the NRA sells, and it’s convenient since it’s a staple of MSNBC reporting these days.  This still makes me laugh, though.  If I thought I needed a weight loss program, I’d probably go watch MSNBC, since even the Fox News anchors are a little doubtful (though the spokesperson the pro-gun side trotted out earlier was all talking points and no logic).  But with that, I think I’d rather be hungry for lunch.

So have a ball, folks, whatever side you’re on.  This one’s not dying down anytime soon.

Updated: By the way, I forgot to link to this from Liberty Unyielding.  I’ve alwasy been a fan of people having a clue when they actually talk about an issue, and this is especially true in the firearms issue.  Plus, the picture of the 10/22 knock-off is funny enough as-is.

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  1. January 15, 2013 8:05 pm

    And then there’s this

    And so the hypocrisy of the left rears it’s ugly head again.

    • January 15, 2013 10:37 pm

      It’s not hypicrisy as much as a lack of understanding irony, Mike. Same results.

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