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And You Don’t Even Have To Pay for My Advice

January 28, 2015

I caught this one as I was paging through articles on my phone this morning while on the exercise bike.  I thought about posting, decided I’d send it to Lynn.  Forgot to send it to Lynn, ran into it again this evening… You get the point.

Hey, Ladies.  Whatever you do, don’t make it this:


Be pro-active: Put yourself out there, don’t wait for a man to invite you out or talk to you. Chat them up or ask them out first.

Buy them dinner: Show you are in control.

Don’t wait for him to call: Get in contact with him after a date to say thanks. Don’t leave it for days waiting for him to call.

Sleep with him on the first date: Give him what he wants and he’ll be hooked.

This is the advice some mid-50’s guy gives ladies on how to find the man of her dreams in 60 days.  Oh, mid-50’s divorced guy.  And with that said, I’m not a trained psychologist, or even an untrained one.  I’m an engineer, and one that truly never dated in high-school or beyond all that much.  But let me give you ladies a bit of advice.

The most mysterious and desirable woman a guy will find is one that is confident in her own skin and isn’t interested in just doing what the guy wants or giving him what he wants.  If you decide to pay the meal, you’re just finding guys who are too cheap to object that it’s their job to pay for the R&D.  If you hop in bed the first date, then you’re just devaluing the gift that most interests the guy in winning it.  So he might decide to hang around and let you keep paying and giving, but what’s he really giving back.

I’ll give you the call him part.  I’d have saved a lot of time if I’d gotten to the point where I had to stop decoding whether the lady was really interested, but that’s more just courtesy.

Want to really win a guy, to my mind?  Show him respect and demand respect from the first date, and let that grow to affection and love.  It might take more than 60 days, but you’ll be in a relationship that lasts a long time.  Keep loving and respecting the guy, and demand it in return, and you’ll keep it healthy.

But maybe I’m just being an engineer.

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