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MST2013 anyone?

January 18, 2013

Here we go – we should all be resigned to a fate of B-movie theatrics for the next 4 years

Obama in permanent campaign mode

Obama for America, the organization that mobilized the president’s army of supporters during his two races for the White House, now has a new name: Organizing for Action. The aim of the group, which will be overseen by a small inner circle of former campaign advisers, will be to promote Mr. Obama’s policies and to give Democratic activists and other allies a way to rally behind his agenda

  • Kids as political props? Yup
  • The great uniter “breaks” the opposition party? Certainly
  • Nominate the least acceptable candidates for key political posts? Why, of course
  • Let no crisis go to waste & do something – ANYTHING – whether or not it works? Most definitely

The best that we can do I suppose is sit back, pop popcorn and assume the theatrics work as well with the 52% of the population it plays to here – presumably reality TV and Snooki fans- as it plays with Venezuela.

MST 2013 anyone?


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