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I Still Don’t Support a Ban…

December 16, 2012

I have to admit, my confidence in my beliefs was shaken last week.  I mean, two incidents, and two near-incidents happened in the space of a few days, and it really did make me re-think some of my core beliefs.  Horrific violence affects everyone, and sometimes emotion takes over for logic.  But in the end, I have to go back to logic, and not punish the many because of a mentally-ill few.

I’m still convinced that we shouldn’t ban violent videogames.

I mean, after all, where could the rise in these mass killings be otherwise originating?  Yes, quite a few people say that the rise of mass violence is not actually going up.  But can you really believe the numbers?  Sure, even the “opponents of violence” agree that gun ownership and gun violence in the US is going down, so that couldn’t really be the reason.  And while I firmly believe that we could use a lot more God in our daily lives, we can’t agree on ways to do that.  So we need to figure out options that reduce violence.  Wouldn’t banning first-person shooters be a viable option that we could all get behind?

It seems pretty clear to me with no data that video games are bad.  I mean, how can immersion in violence not dull people to real violence in a way that’s dangerous to society?  I don’t know a thing about violent video games, since I don’t play them.  But since I don’t know anything about them, I can be an expert in how bad they are.   With all that said, I don’t know that we can really punish everyone who likes this kind of lousy pap by just banning what makes them happy.  They might be unfortunate in their obsessions, but I can’t deny them their sick pleasures because of a few mentally disturbed people.

(Please wait while I extract my tongue from my cheek…)

Okay, you might get the point.  But where do we draw the line at causation and what to do about it?  It’s clear that mentally disturbed people will still do mentally distrubed things and that we’ll mourn the results.  And I’m sure that emotion will enter the equation and make rational discussion nearly impossible.  I just wonder why all the focus goes in certain areas, when there are likely many causes that we should question and try to solve.


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