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The “Keeping up with Brussels” Presidency

March 22, 2011

From the Jerusalem post

US foreign policy in the Middle East has traditionally been directed towards advancing three goals: Guaranteeing the free flow of inexpensive petroleum products from the Middle East to global market; strengthening regimes and governments that are in a position to advance this core US goal at the expense of US enemies; and fighting against regional forces like the pan-Arabists and the jihadists that advance a political program inherently hostile to US power

Other competing interests have periodically interfered with US Middle East policy…..

These competing interests have included the desire to placate somewhat friendly Arab regimes that are stressed by or dominated by anti-US forces; a desire to foster good relations with Europe; and a desire to win the support of the US media.

Under the Obama administration, these competing interests have not merely influenced US policy in the Middle East. They have dominated it. Core American interests have been thrown to the wayside.

The core objectives of this presidency come down to impressing people – worrying more about what others think, and whether they are following along the principles of the well behaved passive teknocratic  intellectual….

Pats on the back at cocktail parties, friendly articles, and being ever in fashion with the crowd they want to impress., all while attempting to look humble. You can almost hear “do you think this mantle of power makes me look fat? Will I be over dressed with too many troops for good taste at the UN soiree tonight? Do you think the Arab League will like us now?”

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