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Social gospel, anti-gospel

March 18, 2011

An article by “The other McCain” reminded me of a somewhat individualistic rant I posted almost a year ago

The “Other McCain” stated

The Catholic/Marxists who propagated heretical “liberation theology”also thought themselves divinely sanctioned to support the Sandinistas. They were taken seriously, and not dismissed as mere “kooks.” Yet how many American Catholics today support the Obama agenda on similar “social justice” grounds as Shankman? Tens of millions, I’d estimate….

Not every “social justice” fanatic posts hate-filled rants on the Internet… if ideas have consequences, as Richard Weaver taught us, then bad ideas have bad consequences –  Judge Maryann Sumi’s restraining order, to cite an obvious example.

The Religious Left collects millions of dollars to propagate its heretical heaven-on-earth political gospel, poisoning the minds of gullible young people like Jim Shankman.

The post I wrote in March 2010

…. Social justice policies stem from progressivism – progressivism from Age of Enlightenment – the entire point of which is progress of man towards a utopian end. At the philosophical root we find the intended end of progressivism to be the Kingdom of God without any god besides man himself. Call it ”Tower of babel – version 2.0

Making alliances with the ruthless using the excuse that the end goals they espouse resemble things Christ preached still boils down to an alliance with the ruthless.  During the reign of terror in the French Revolution, Robespierre’s original allies were sent to the guillotine – by Robespierre.

…an alliance with another group that has philosophically divergent ends simply because their statements sound “close enough to the Sermon on the Mount” is dangerous and ignores both the way Christ worked as well as the reality of the outcomes of the Age of Enlightenment when fully practiced in government

Sometimes I wonder – does anyone read the New Testament to realize that peace on earth comes and poverty ends only when Christ returns and makes the earth 100% right? No Libyan rebels being crushed, no Somalis resorting to piracy, no unionists issuing death threats like a modern gangsta against a professor….

The world gets fixed when Christ returns. Until then, the means matter as much as the end goal. Everything else is heretical.

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  1. March 19, 2011 11:41 am

    I’ve seen some reasonings that involve the “need” to set conditions to be more closely aligned with the last days so that the end of this world can be hastened. Okay, I guess if that’s your gig.

    But this isn’t new, as you said. A lot of people supporting the re-creation of an Israeli state post WWII were interested because there needed to be an Israel to bring about the end of the world.

    Me? God’ll make it happen when he wants it to happen. I just have to be ready.

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