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Let’s Hear My Opinion!

December 3, 2012

You’ll find very few people who are bigger fans of the NFL than I am.  While I’m mostly a long-suffering fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m always interested in a game, especially if it’s a good one.  To all appearances, last night’s Dallas/Philadelphia game was probably really good.  Of course, I didn’t watch it.

I tend to not watch any of the big prime-time games anymore.  Sure, I do still catch the Super Bowl, but I find a way to take a long break for the halftime.  I also gave up on pre-game shows, even though my fantasy football competitiveness has gone way down as a result. Why?  I’m pretty tired of people on the national stage finding ways to make noise… even if I sometimes agree with them.

The latest furor was last night when Bob Costas, quoted Jason Whitlock, making a case for gun control.  The reactions have been pretty wild, many skewing towards skewering… of Mr. Costas.

‘The Media Left at Halftime: Bob Costas pushing gun control, quoting…who else?..a sports writer on ridding the country of the 2nd Amendment,’ wrote television host Lou Dobbs, who uses the Twitter handle @loudobbsnews

 ‘Bob Costas, who’s gotten rich thanks in part to a sport that destroys men’s bodies and brains, gives us a little civics lecture,’ wrote Fox commentator Andrew Levy, who uses the Twitter handle @andylevy

‘Yes, Bob Costas, guns are the problem. Nicole Brown Simpson would be alive today if OJ hadn’t shot her with that knife,’ wrote Twitter user @ToddKincannon

‘NRA gonna’ be PISSSED at Bob Costas,’ wrote Twitter user @JeremyStahl

Judging from about 100 tweets, more than 95 per cent of those quickest to respond to Coastas’ remarks expressed annoyance and outright disagreement, with only a few in favor.

You know what?  Who cares?  If someone has a stage that big, it’s likely he or she will eventually say something dumb.  They’ll also say a bunch of smart things.  Sure, there are millions of people out there with less of a clue who might be influenced by a “media hero” spouting off, but what does that really affect in the end?  The ones who haven’t formed an opinion will get moved elsewhere by other reasoned arguments, and the die-hards on either side will cheer or boo as necessary.  It’s sports in a macrocosm.

I’d note two things.  First, Mr. Costas couldn’t bring himself to promote his “own” opinion, but instead hid behind Jason Whitlock.  For the record, I like Whitlock, who’s known to say some really outrageous things.  He’s a “former” writer for several venues as a result of being unapologetic in his opinions.  I’m okay with that if he is.  In fact, I’ll likely keep reading him, and will just sigh and ignore the opinions that aren’t about sports.

The other thing… and maybe it’s me.  But has anyone checked to see if the perpetrator of this very sad case of domestic violence legally owned the handgun he used on his girlfriend and on himself?  I’m hearing all these cries for controlling guns, and yet, I haven’t seen any detail on facts that would make a gun control discussion relevant.  This is an ongoing investigation, so it might take a while, but that’s the fact that most interests me.

Until then, I’ll have to keep the games on DVR or something.  I thought the commercials were bad, until I heard the people we pay to be professionals around the game.

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