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Winners Spend the Prize Money

March 29, 2010

I see there is some consternation in the blogosphere about the recess appointments made by President Obama.  I highly respect Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey and their opinions.  You can tell that because I link to them a lot.  That said, what else do you expect from the president and the administration?

Recess appointments are a way to get unpopular or otherwise un-appointable candidates into position when the administration thinks it can.  It’s happened in the past, and it will happen again.  I haven’t dug much into the backgrounds of the people in this case, though both posts I reference, and several others I’ve seen elsewhere do a fine job.  With all that… um, how often has the guy said, “Hey I won.”

And he did.  We elected this administration into office, and we get what we deserve.  If that makes a lot of the population mad, then get off your rears and do something about it.  The Tax Day Tea Parties are coming up, and that’s a great way to meet other people who also want to do something about it.  Or go contact a local group to otherwise find how to get into the fight.

You’re going to hear me say this for the rest of the year.  If you’re mad, stay mad until November, and CLEARLY ARTICULATE the issues in a way that encourages other people to think about it.  Screaming incoherence can be left for the whackos that want us out of Vietnam now (or wherever… I think they just change the country on the signs these days).

If you’re tired of the change, change it again.

Quick update: I’m in no way endorsing any of the candidates that were appointed by recess.  If they’re so lousy that they can’t get through a Democratically-controlled congress and stand the light of a few hearings, then I probably don’t want them deciding what new taxes to impose on me.  Just want to make that point.

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