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December 30, 2014

Remember Ebola?  Yea, that dread disease that was coming over from Africa that was going to spread across the US?  Anyone remember that there was a lung disease that actually killed more people at the same time?  Anyone want to remember that we annually get a pretty bad disease that sweeps through the nation and kills our weakest members?

The CDC has today declared a national flu epidemic as virulent mutated versions of this years H3N2 virus sweep the country.

Twenty-two states have reported a high number of flu cases, centered mainly around the Midwest and southeast of the country.

Since the start of the flu season on October 1 and December 20, CDC figures show that 15 children have died from the virus and four in the week before Christmas.

Adults over 65 are also particularly vulnerable, though news agencies prefer to prop up children as victims before the elderly.  Either way, this is a real disease that is easily communicable.  In a good year, the vaccine for it is about 50% effective (and this is not a good year, admits the CDC).  And it claims about 24 thousand people a year.

Now, I generally don’t believe people who say, “I have the flu,” when they have a cold.  You know when you have the flu, trust me.  But I’m also usually the one who will mention that if you have the flu, you should contact a doctor.  This might be a tough year, and those of us who travel extensively have to take precautions and still be prepared to react before things get too bad.

Be careful out there, folks.  Don’t let it change your life, but do take precautions.  You’ll be better off than all those times you scream, “EBOLA!”

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