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I’m Insulted, You’re Hacked

December 10, 2014

You want to know how easy hacking is these days?  All you have to do is be mad enough, and have money, and you’re in.  Want to get mad, have someone make a movie about assassinating your boss.  He’ll get mad enough to have you hack the offender.

Federal officials ‘warned’ Sony that their planned film about an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could provoke retaliation from the hermit state.

It is claimed that officials in the Department of Homeland Security held a secret off-the-record briefing with senior executives from the film company about the comedy ‘The Interview’.

Sony has been the victim of a number of high profile cyber attacks in recent weeks with some of their movies leaked online, while confidential information on employees and stars has also been placed on the internet.

At this point, I think it’s best to just hack the Tea Party.  They’ll get dismissed by the press as dangerous, and they’re mostly too civil to go destroy you.  Despotic communist regimes?  Not so much.  My general take is that it’s a bad idea to mess with any form of government, because it can redirect your own funds — and those of all your neighbors — to make your life suck.

And really, who takes North Korea seriously?  Well, anyone who makes a couple awful movies about taking them down.  And with the sophistication of hacking tools that I’ve talked about in various posts… well, Sony didn’t have a chance.  While the revelations coming out aren’t on the Snowden level of embarrassing and infuriating, I’d bet they’re going to get quite a bit of egg on the face over some of the things that come out.

Oh, and the DHS, “briefing?”  Wanna’ bet that someone in the US Government was watching the chatter, or maybe even the start of the probes, to see what was about to happen?

So North Korea is one thing.  I wonder what happens when ISIS decides to stop knocking off everyone who might be innovative and decides instead to pay them to wage a real cyber-jihad?  The world might not be a very safe place.  We’re only lucky that those guys are this generations Khmer Rouge so far.  Let’s be optimistic and assume they just knock themselves back to the stone age.

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