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The Machine Tool Ate My Job

November 10, 2014

Hey, look, here’s some non-news!

RoTM One in three UK jobs will be performed by machine in as little as 20 years, according to a new study carried out by Deloitte and the University of Oxford.

Somewhere around a massive 10.8 million people could be replaced by machine by 2034, the researchers claim. Londoners are least likely to be affected (with only 30 per cent of jobs at risk compared to 35 per cent nationwide) and those higher up the management food chain are also safer than their minions from the threat of robo-replacement. “Lower-paid jobs are over five times more likely to be replaced than higher-paid, almost eight times as likely in London,” says the study.

Obviously, I’m not shocked.  Heck, my first real job was building machine controls for robots that were replacing auto workers on the assembly line.  This is called progress (and The Reg means it that way as well).  There are many jobs that will slowly, or rapidly, go away because technology will find better ways to do it.  And that’s how we move the workforce forward.  Really, does anyone want to still be typing data entries into a system when it can be scanned and done much faster?  Wouldn’t that same person be able to do a variety of other jobs that have a large scope but similar skills?

What still troubles me is that the education system is still focused on driving mass-production mentality onto students.  You could argue that the schools developed their base pedagogy back in the days when we were churning out assembly-line workers, and that the methods haven’t changed a lot.  We’re still focusing on bringing the margins (low and high) to the middle, rather than customizing the system.  This is why home-schooling is so popular; parents can tune education for the kids’ interests.

Either way, it continues to be a brave, new world.  Hopefully not in the Huxley sense.

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