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If Technology Has It’s Way…

September 26, 2014

Hey, if you live in the middle of nowhere, specifically the middle of nowhere surrounded by the sea, and you can’t get a regular delivery on a ferry, what do you do?  You look for disruptive technology.

The trial is a DHL Parcel research project that flies to Juist, a tiny North Sea island (just 7km long) off the German mainland, from Norddeich harbour. Flights take place only at certain times of day with the parcelcopter flying the 12km in restricted airspace with no overflying of houses. There is a ground station for the flight which is in constant contact with air traffic controllers.

This non-urban delivery trial restriction gets over the risk of collisions with other manned or unmanned aircraft. Birds are still a hazard though.

Drones are a touchy subject, because they started in the military as ways to blow something up.  But military applications are a great way to do pathfinding for civilian applications, and here’s an innovative solution that shows that small, unmanned devices are a good possibility for moving packages in dangerous areas.  This is just a pilot, and not a fool-proof application yet.  A bad storm can kill a pilotless drone as fast as it can a small plane, but I think there’s a lot of possibilities with technology that will come to fruition over time.

Score another one for technology.  Go for it, people.

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