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Not Much Is Private Anymore

August 13, 2014

I was out camping for a week or so, and it’s interesting to come back and see what news is new and what’s not.  Yazidis being threatened with religious extinction, and it’s a human suffering story (and not a religious persecution one)?  Sure.  Poor black kid gets shot and a city riots?  Hey, I’m from Cincinnati, I’ve seen this one.

Ah, but there’s a new twist these days.

In a press release posted to Pastebin on Sunday, “Anonymous Operation Ferguson” said that the global collective was outraged at the events in Ferguson and demanded new legislation setting strict guidelines for police conduct in the US. The group also threatened to take down the websites of authorities in the town if they “abuse, harass or harm in any way protestors in Ferguson”.

The hackers appeared to make good on the threat on Tuesday, taking down the website of City Hall as well as phone lines and email systems in a flood of traffic that “just kept coming”, the St Louis Post-Dispatchreported.

Global cyber-warfare is going to local politics.  This doesn’t surprise me… if I’d had more time, I was going to post pretty much the same thing yesterday… that some hacker would be able to figure out the name of the police officer and release it for the department, even if the department wouldn’t.

I’m typically of the belief that justice works slowly, and creakily, and it’s usually right even if people aren’t happy.  Remember, pinning both your well-being and your happiness on any branch of government is a losing proposition.  But many people think that mob justice is a much better option.  I wonder how they’d react if they knew that their sentiments were based on eye-for-eye rationale from the Old Testament…?

Anyway, I’ll wait to see what justice the system works before I even start to make a comment on the situation in particular.  But don’t expect the rest of the world to do that, and I think that the globally-flat nature of the cyber-world will enable a lot of people to step in where they couldn’t in the past.  It’s not good or bad, it just is.  But the results are going to be pretty random for a while.

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