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People Don’t Like Each Other. Yawn.

July 31, 2014

Noah Rothman and Hot Air has a post today detailing the media reaction to new Lois Lerner e-mails that have come out.  These e-mails provide her pretty clear opinion of conservative causes.  Perhaps the media is shocked that she doesn’t appear to like them, but I’m not all that surprised.  It’s not that I know Ms. Lerner… it’s more that I know people.  We’re a strange breed, we have opinions, and some of them are pretty strong.

I have to admit, one of the things I’ve been noticing in politics lately is an assumption that you must hate what you don’t agree with.  There’s a lot of stuff I disagree with, and I’ll say that I don’t hate it… but then again I’m a strange bird.  I see friends on both sides of the spectrum that really don’t like certain topics or the opinions people have on them.  We’re fallen, and that creates extremes like this.

So… I’m not shocked when I see a person who takes an extreme position against other people who disagree with (in this case) her.

What I do object to, though, is that person participating in the use of one of the larger, and certainly one of the most feared, government agencies against what she doesn’t like.  In technology, I have to work against fierce competition.  Anyone who’s worked with me long enough knows that I’m pretty militant when it comes to my opinions on some of my competitors.  But I recognize their value and I stay above-board in my efforts to win business.  I see many others doing the same thing, and I’m fine with rivalry and competition.

I’m not fine with unfair business practices, and I’m certainly not fine with using an unfair leverage against a weaker opponent.  The fact that this is not the subject of media examination of Ms. Lerner and the IRS is getting to the point of disturbing.


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