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But Will It Involve Explosions?

July 29, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve read any Phillip K. Dick.  I do remember The Man in the High Castle from my late teens, but I’m somewhat fuzzy on the story, other than the main plot and a couple details that seemed odd to me as a teen reader.  But from a general perspective, his books are easy to make into movies because of the vividness of the stories.

Now with that said, if they decide to make a story about Nazis running the US after they conquered it during the war, would it just look like a fantasy about what happens with a heavily right-leaning government in place?  And how much would that miss the point of the actual story?

Let’s put aside that Fascism as an ideology leans left, since it abandons corporations for government control.  Go read Jonah Goldberg for that.  But beyond that, how many people actually study history enough to understand the effect that Fascism had on the societies in which it thrived?  This would turn more into a story about how shadowy characters rule the world in a rigid police state.  While that’s true to the book, the subtleties of the resistance and the spies in it would probably become more of an anti-hero plot, if it didn’t get changed at all.

My point is not that you can’t make the movie.  It’s more that making the movie in today’s society would probably just miss the point of the book from what I remember of it.  That’s not a bad thing (says the English Minor), since stories take a life of their own based on the perspective of the times they’re made.  If you want a great example of that, go read John Carpenter’s Who Goes There? and then watch both versions of The Thing.  So I’d be interested in what the movie would look like.

It just wouldn’t look much like the story, I’d bet.

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