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Super-size My Mall

July 8, 2014

One for the geeks here: Occasionally, I’ll be flipping through the channels in the backwaters of the TV scene, hoping I can find a commercial where they’re firing a cannon at a poor boat (you’ll know it when you see it, folks), and I’ll hit on one of those construction shows that describes how to make a truck the size of  house, or a massive jumbo jet.  I work on some of the world’s smallest technologies, so it’s really cool to see big stuff.  If I’m really lucky, I can find a show where Dubai is building a whole new set of islands for rich people.  Well, how about an entire city that’s air conditioned?  Thanks to The Register for finding this one for me.

Project to develop the world’s largest mall, largest indoor park, cultural theatres and wellness resorts with a capacity to host over 180 million visitors annually

Project highlights:

Mall of the World, a project developed by Dubai Holding, will have the following connected features:

  • World’s largest mall occupying 8 million sq. ft. connected to 100 hotels and serviced apartments buildings with 20,000 hotel rooms
  • Temperature-controlled covered retail street network spreading over 7 km
  • Largest indoor family theme park in the world
  • Wellness district catering to medical tourists in a 3 million sq. ft. area
  • Cultural district comprising theatres built around New York’s Broadway, The Celebration Walk, similar to the Ramblas Street in Barcelona and shopping streets based on London’s Oxford Street
  • Dubai’s largest celebration centre accommodating 15,000 revellers

This, like I said above, is no big deal to Dubai.  A decade ago, they put a ski slope in a shopping mall.  The scale of their civil engineering projects is amazing, and getting moreso as they plan the next ones.  International business in the country — or at least the open city part of the country — is legendary, and it funds the rest of the country along with the oil reserves that flow in the desert.

This country, though, seems to be the best in terms of being totally extravagant about its wealth.  I’ve never figured out how it doesn’t have the massive unrest that the rest of the region has… and don’t talk to me about Saudi Arabia, which mostly exports terrorists to destabilize the rest of the area.  But somehow, things stay relatively calm, and that makes for a very decadent experience for visitors.

So as long is it remains a great place to be a civil engineer, Dubai will continue to amaze with some interesting stuff.  I’m sure it’d be nice to visit, though I’ll probably let others do that.  I’ll stick with my outside activities, even if I have to handle the heat.

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