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I Should Get It On Record

June 30, 2014

I’m not a fan of the, “corporations are people,” thing.  While I support the outcome of recent Supreme Court decisions, I think we’re setting a dangerous precedent that a corporation is a breathing entity.  I’d prefer to have the court rule that the owners of a company are people who can govern the company as they see fit.

A personal Mozilla/Firefox vomited their boss out the door.  A personal Big Oil company is evil, rather than an entity striving for profits.

So… I’m torn on where to go.  I think we need to more collectively view the goals of a corporation, or even a non-profit, for its need to stay in business to accomplish its business goal.  I suppose this wouldn’t be an issue of the government of the US hadn’t decided that it was a compassionate entity (thanks, GWB!) that needed to make personal decisions for 300 million people.

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