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Glass Travel, Stones, and Updated Adages

June 23, 2014

I travel pretty extensively for work.  I do it in part because it’s necessary, and in part because I live nearly four hours away from my office.  I mostly monitor my commutes because I’m conscious of how much travel wears on my body and my household.  I don’t begrudge or demean anyone for having to travel for work, and I wonder what in the world some environmentalists (including people in my own company who travel and feel guilty about it) are thinking.

So when a leading environmentalist gets busted for talking out of one side of the mouth… hey, grab the popcorn!

A Greenpeace senior executive commutes to work by plane despite the organisation’s anti-air travel campaign, it emerged yesterday.

Pascal Husting, Greenpeace International’s programme director, has been flying 250 miles between Luxembourg and Amsterdam at the charity’s expense since 2012.

Each trip costs Greenpeace £200 and would generate 142kg of carbon dioxide emissions, according to airline KLM.

This doesn’t seem to me to be like a problem.  An executive has to travel to maintain the team integrity.  I did that almost every week for two years not that long ago.  The funnier part is that Greenpeace has been kvetching about travel by airplane for quite a while, and therefore the guy has to twist himself into a pretzel to explain that it’s not really HIS problem, but EVERYONE ELSE’S problem.

But Mr Husting defended the arrangement and said he would rather not take the journey but it was necessary because the alternative is a twelve hour round trip by train.

He told the Daily Telegraph: ‘I spend half my life on Skype and video conference calls.

‘But as a senior manager, the people who work in my team sometimes need to meet me in the flesh, that’s why I’ve been going to Amsterdam twice a month while my team was being restructured.’

He said that from September he would switch to making the trip once a month by train due to ‘the work of restructuring my team coming to an end, and with my kids a little older’.

Mr Husting’s travel arrangements were revealed just days after Greenpeace was forced to apologise for losing £3million of public donations in an unauthorised currency dealing.

Do you like that last paragraph I threw in for fun?  So the organization can’t handle its money, and its executives are double-dealing weasels, but everything is just fine with the organization.  Even his boss tried to explain it away.  He’s a valuable employee with special circumstances, so the compromise has to be made.  That’s great.  In any business, I think those types of decisions are made every day.  It’s just funny watching this organization whine about every other company making decisions like this when they make the same ones themselves.

So, go ahead, guys.  Feel free to hop on that plane to do your business.  Just lay off me doing the same, thanks.

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