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Getting Lucky With Customers?

June 20, 2014

About time, but not for the reasons most people think:

Pressure from US lawmakers has convinced Microsoft and Google to add a kill switch to their smartphone operating systems in a move to deter the larcenous.

The pressure came from “Secure our Smartphones” (SOS), an organization set up by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, who were concerned about rampant smartphone theft in their cities.

The group had already convinced Apple to add the technology to iOS, but now such systems will be installed on 97 per cent of the smartphones in the US following the announcement.

There’s a bunch of stuff in here about how thefts have gone down over time, but I’m a bit skeptical.  Honestly, do you think phone thieves really know which models have kill switches?  No, at the street level, they probably just continue to steal phones.  There might be less money on the back end, so they’re focusing elsewhere, but I can’t imagine some petty criminal checking model numbers from ten feet away before trying to grab a phone.  I’ll be nice and humor the statistics, I suppose.

But really, this is likely to make a major customer of cell phones very happy… Corporations that do a lot of business on cell phones have been clamoring for a way to blow data off a phone.  After a few years of feet-dragging, this is likely to make big changes in the way companies handle the use of phones and the way data can be used remotely.

And all of this because government intervened?  Okay, I might have to be nice to government for a change.  Nah.

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