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Cutting Off Their Nose to Spite Your Face

June 5, 2014

I’ve been on the road a lot lately, so only catching news on occasion.  I saw this one late last night.  Hey, you gotta’ love New York.  See, not all the whacky ideas come from California.  From the New York Post, thanks Hot Air:

More than half the members of the City Council have fired off a letter to Walmart demanding that it stop making millions in charitable contributions to local groups here.

Twenty-six of the 51 members of the Council charged in the letter that the world’s biggest retailer’s support of local causes is a cynical ploy to enter the market here.

Walmart has apparently given upwards of three million in the last year to charities in the New York area.  Protests will include a nice demo in front of City Hall where people not at all associated with the charities will protest that Walmart is giving money to charities, probably ones that the protesters have not given to at any point.

I’m sure the charities are so excited.  A charity has the option to accept or reject money given to it.  The city council members, of course, don’t have that option, but can certainly raise s stink about how organizations contribute to make a score of cheap political points.

Erika Johnson has a nice video segment of Neil Cavuto destroying one of the council members over said member’s inability to distinguish from personal bias.  Go watch.

It’s a free country, and you can speak your mind… well, unless you disagree with the Left, and then you can’t speak your mind, or donate money, or anything else.  I wonder what would happen if Walmart had been donating to charities that helped some protected class, instead of broad education funds and work programs that can easily be targeted?  Whatever.  Consistency of message is not necessarily the game of some players.



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