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Is Nothing Sacred?

May 15, 2014

Oh, goodness… um, not goodness gracious… not for goodness sake… oh, for the love of Pete!  There.

From NRO, but really from the Forum of Fargo Morehead:

A Fargo first-grade class won’t be participating in the school’s talent show after a concerned parent called a planned act “racist.”

The students were supposed to be performing the song “Y.M.C.A.” during Bennett Elementary School’s May talent show.

For the show, a first-grade teacher asked parents to have their kids wear clothes like the Village People, the group that recorded the hit song in the 1970s. Some would come dressed as a policeman, a cowboy, a biker dude, a construction worker or a Native American.

But one mom, Elaine Bolman, said asking her daughter and her classmates to dress up like an Indian is offensive.

Someone, anyone… please tell me that people don’t get that this is a joke.  Even the Village People would probably tell you that this was a parody of a joke.  I suppose the easiest way for the mother to change her mind would be for OK Cupid to start boycotting her because she’s anti-gay and wants to diminish the value of the Village People in culture.

People, SERIOUSLY!  We’re now stuck in a world where having an opinion that might even have the slightest hint of “*ism” is a sin against nature.  Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor at this point?  I mourn for the generations after me, because they won’t be able to express an opinion without first checking whether it’s the approved one.

Slight tangent, but it’s actually worth nothing.  The day I started my change from moderate liberal with a sense of Christian values to a nutjob conservative was 9/11.  After those homicidal maniacs executed their attack, I got mad.  And then I got madder when everyone around me was just sad about it.

How many people are going to get mad about the political correctness that’s so confused it can’t even support all the politically correct opinions before it twists itself into knots?

And I’m too lazy to look it up now, but wasn’t the original Indian Chief a true Indian?

Disclaimer: I once saw the Village People live.  They were actually pretty good, if ancient by the time I saw them.

Oh, whatever.

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