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The Geek’s Guide to Net Neutrality

May 10, 2014

Lynn is actually better at Net Neutrality than I am, but I did find a good, and technically objective, primer today.  Just one snippet:

The IP header reserves bits for what kind of packet, the “terms of service”. In other words, right from the start, the internet was designed as a multiservice, or “poly service” network. Packets were never “equal” – they could and would have to go at different speeds. The TOS headers have never been implemented, the job of shunting things through at different speeds being inferred from the traffic flows rather than interpreted from the data itself. But TOS shows what the original thinking behind the internet was.

Yep, IP was designed to actually take advantage of differing service levels.  So don’t assume that technology is neutral.

And if you haven’t figured out that I’m totally against government regulation of technology standards, then you don’t read this blog enough.

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