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Words Hurt… You.

May 5, 2014

Here’s a fun one courtesy of PayPal.  And it’s a fun reminder that anything you say electronically can be used against you, and likely will.

PayPal has fired an executive after less than two months in the job over an ill-advised Twitter rant in which he cursed out colleagues and called them ‘useless.’

Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Agrawal bashed his new colleagues after the company hired him as director of strategy – and then he blamed it on not knowing how to use an Android phone.

The vitriolic, spelling error-riddled tweeting began around 1.00 a.m Saturday while he was out in New Orleans and ended with him saying he quit the firm.

PayPal, whose company headquarters are in San Jose, California, has sinced confirmed Agrawal’s exit by tweeting the company had ‘zero tolerance’ for his behaviour.

It sounds to me like the old equivalent of “reply all” to the wrong e-mail, but really…

Folks, PUT DOWN the electronic device at some point.  At 1AM on Saturday in New Orleans, pictures, comments, e-mail, and the like just aren’t going to be any good.  I spend a lot of time reminding kids who haven’t learned yet that it’s not a good idea to just say or do whatever you want online, since it’ll be there forever.  In some cases, forever is about 48 hours.

It’s almost funny to read the progression, and watch a guy who plainly was too enamored of himself realize what he’d done.  In many cases, Twitter is reality TV for people who don’t have a camera crew, and this guy got to tape his own meltdown in front of America.

So… at some point, we all need to watch what we do in public, especially when that public has a worldwide audience.

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