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Coach Fired for Being Horrible

May 5, 2014

Really, this is news?  It’s been all over.  Let’s go with ESPN:

Oregon State has fired Craig Robinson, the school announced on Monday.

Robinson, the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama, had three years remaining on his contract. He was 94-105 in six seasons in Corvallis, making him the fourth-winningest coach in school history.

The Beavers, however, failed to make the NCAA tournament or even the NIT in his tenure.

Anyone get the odd sentence in there?  The coach was less than .500, couldn’t recruit despite some potential name power, never made the big dance, and never won in the small dances.  So… the real question could be why he didn’t get fired two years ago…

…Robinson, the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama…

Oh, right.

I don’t begrudge his ability to keep a job, and he’s walking with an extra $4M as a parting gift for the rest of his contract.

But really, this thing is getting coverage well beyond your standard sports news, and it’s usually all about his brother-in-law.  I suppose that’s all it really is at this point, otherwise it’s not really news.

Anyway, I wish Mr. Robinson well in his next head-coaching tenure, since I’m sure he’s going to get another shot.  Hey, you do what you can to keep the family fed.

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