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Who’s Money Is Better Money?

April 15, 2014

Here’s an interesting article on competing business interests going against each other in an effort to make more money.  It starts with a soccer stadium, and ends either there or with a new crane for the docks.

David Beckham is facing a huge backlash against his plans for a 25,000-seater soccer stadium in Miami.

An alliance of shipping businesses and a billionaire car dealer have launched a campaign protesting the football star’s venue, which would be situated at the Port of Miami in Florida, and include a restaurant and a nightclub.

The consortium, which publicized their opposition in a full-page advertisement in two major newspapers yesterday, said if given the green light, it would threaten the city’s plans to capitalize on the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Go read the whole thing, especially for the pictures of all the beautiful people with more money than we have.

I have to admit, that I’d generally side with the dock owners.  Sports stadiums are not known for actually revitalizing the area they inhabit.  Shops aside, the real draw is only on occasion.  Meanwhile, an expanded dock employs people and drives commerce.  But some of that is dependent on the actual dock owners developing it, rather than just wanting to develop it.  And overall, I’d bet that the only reason the stadium side wants a stadium RIGHT THERE is that the property is cheap and has a nice view.

Either way, it’s interesting to see competing business interests go at each other.  In the area where I live, we recently funded a new aquatic and exercise facility for the community.  The biggest opponent of the facility during the homeowners’ vote?  The real-estate people who had already built a smaller private facility.  It got pretty contentious, and we noticed the other day that the private one was up for sale now that the public one is open.  Hmmm.

So watch this one to see how it plays out.  I’d bet the soccer stadium goes elsewhere, because large dockworker unions are hard to ignore if you’re on the city council.  I’m sure there will be other reasons, too…

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