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Yea, We’ve All Thought About That…

April 3, 2014

I’ve thought about doing something like this, but I have an over-developed sense of responsibility.  So I wouldn’t.

A Manhattan court stenographer with a drinking problem jeopardized the outcome of more than 30 verdicts by repeatedly typing ‘I hate my job, I hate my job,’ instead of the actual trial dialogue.

Officials are rushing to repair the damage caused by Daniel Kochanski, 43, with 10 cases going through the appeals process potentially able to claim that crucial evidence is missing in their conviction.

Alcoholic Kochanski’s transcripts were an utter mess according to court sources familiar with his case saying, ‘It should have been questions and answers – instead it was gibberish’.

Seriously, we all have our bad days, and it sounds like this guy had quite a few… but to put criminal justice or someone’s life in jeopardy goes a little too far.

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