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It’s the Law… Well This Part Is… Maybe Not That Part of This Part…

March 26, 2014

Via Alex Torres at NRO, Politico has a list of the delays the administration has done in the implementation of the PPACA.  There are ten listed, nine of which are essentially within the last nine months.  So it could be said that the administration has essentially been modifying the conditions of the law at will or for political expedience after it became clear that the results of the last election were going to continue with gridlock.

It’s fairly clear that the strategy of the PPACA supporters is to keep the flow going on implementing the law while making the actual acquisition of insurance possible.  After all the problems in the roll-out of the web-based tools, the administration is buying time with that while hoping to see the numbers of people who want insurance via the exchanges to rise.  And after all this spending… it looks like we’re pretty much statistically dead even in terms of people who are insured in America.

I remember getting into a debate a few years back before the act became law.  At one point, I noted that, while unworkable, it would be easier to just offer fully-subsidized insurance options to anyone who could prove that they couldn’t afford to pay.  If only it were that simple… even the Medicaid expansion — essentially fully-subsidized insurance — has broken in several of the states that have chosen to implement it.

So, if the goal as stated was to insure more people, mission catastrophically failed so far.  If the goal is to consolidate the power in the hands of the administrative side of the government, well, wildly successful.  I don’t know that the side winning right now is going to be all that happy about that once the political winds shift and the “wrong” administration is in charge.  And I don’t expect that the more conservative arm outside the administration is ever going to be happy about this mess.

It might be the law, but it’s pretty wild west.  Expect some cattle rustling for a decade.

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