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Government, Corporate, or Bust?

March 25, 2014

Apple has discovered the dark side of being on the top for a while.  As a company that dedicated itself to a captive audience of fans, it suddenly grew to (for a while) leading the market in mobile and tablet volumes.  And that brought a stock surge that was pretty fantastic.  But now, they have to keep that growth going, or the stock will take a hit.  Oh, the wonders of a public company.

Anyway, they’ve continued to push pretty hard on the corporate users, but that’s starting to erode with the influx of tablets and tablet-conversion PCs, so they’re starting to stake out a more captive audience.

Apple has hired a veteran Washington lobbyist in an apparent attempt to boost its influence in the seat of American power.

Amber Cottle will now be the fruity firm’s top lobbyist after leaving her post as democratic staff director for the Senate Finance Committee.

I think this is a good move, at least if Apple wants to grow business in the government sector.  Now, actually having sales people who understand government schedules and the glacial pace of government activity is also pretty special, but knowing the influence points above the buyers is a big deal as well.  Assuming Ms. Cottle has the contacts inside the government, this is a good move.

It’s been pretty well established that the value of lobbyists goes well beyond their pay and the money they spread around.  And anyone who can keep the government from actually thinking of regulations on technology is a A+ in my book.

Let’s see if this does anything for Apple either in regulation or in business, but at least they’re trying.

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