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Baffled by Bossy

March 17, 2014

Fister asked me to blog about this earlier, but I finally came to some conclusions about my response to the “initiative”.

A link : CNN – Ban Bossy

Oh Yea! Sheryl Sandberg has a new campaign. My first two thoughts when I heard about it were:
1) Does that indicate how well “Lean in” actually went (what happened to it?)
2) ..uh, what?!?

Interestingly, one of the articles that came up actually linked #1 and #2

NY Mag: “Whether you see her as a feminist torchbearer or a corporate cheerleader, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In organization has achieved something older women’s-rights groups have struggled to do lately: Grab headlines

My reaction to this is sort of like my response was when I found out GWB went into Iraq. Scooby Doo says “huh?!?” or “seriously?!?” would probably capture it best. Aren’t there better ways to grab headlines than by linking arms with Beyoncé, whose hubs made millions calling women far worse than “Bossy” in his songs?

Frankly, I don’t really get the flap over “bossy”. Don’t “bosses” have to make decisions & be clear? Don’t they have to be directive at times?

Sure, being as disdainful and dismissive of people as Steve Jobs is reputed to be is miserable to work with – but that’s not bossy. There are other words which fit way better and offer equal opportunity application for either gender.

In the end my biggest reaction was disappointment. Sandberg’s reputation is one of being super smart, exceptionally thoughtful and detail oriented, insightful and capable of reading people well. If her first move was “push harder, lean in, ask for more” and her best follow up is becoming the word police then I’m becoming less & less interested in what she has to say next.

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