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Whew, NOT My State

March 11, 2014

File this one under, DUH!

San Francisco spends $165 million a year on services for homeless people, but all that money hasn’t made a dent in the homeless population in at least nine years.

And in fact, the city’s homeless tally may have long been underestimated. In addition to the 6,436 homeless adults counted during one night last year, a separate daytime count specifically of homeless youth found 914 children and young adults living in San Francisco without parents or guardians and without a roof over their heads.

The statement is that the youths were undercounted in the past.  Do you think it might be that, just maybe, since you’re spending so much money making it easier to be homeless that you might maybe, just maybe, be attracting homeless people?

I’m sure that sounds heartless or right-leaning, or something.  That’s not my intent.

I’m mostly just wondering why spending money on stopping people from doing something might not have the opposite effect.

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