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Clash of the repressed

March 2, 2014

In a facebook discussion I commented on once about the different views of what “tolerance” means, I received a tirade of First world PC blather in response to a comment I made about nations like Singapore and other Sharia law states not really caring about what the West thinks when it comes to the rights of alternative lifestyle proponents.
The response I received was “hey dumb-a–, that’s FOREIGN policy. This is DOMESTIC policy”

This article came out over the weekend. Read it in full
Gay Activists have met their match in Muslim Barbers

Now, when you put THAT in light of this link:
Obama Administration Welcomes Escaping Muslims

It’s going to be interesting to pop the popcorn and just watch it play out. My point to the FB commenter was simply “when you combine amnesty, open door immigration and multi-culturalism, how do you know your particular western world view wins in DOMESTIC policy?”

Personally, people fleeing oppression should have a safe place to refuge – whoever they are. But the Canada example shows that there are some very key areas where the culture conflict gets really pronounced. Given so many in the media/Hollywood are terrified to insult Islam relative to Christianity… I’m really not clear how this plays out in the end in this country.

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