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Branding, Customer, or Both?

February 19, 2014

I was wondering when some company would do this:

HTC is offering users free fixes for cracked screens on the company’s new handset models.

The company said that all HTC One, One Max and One Mini customers in the US who purchase their device on or after February 18 will be eligible to receive one free repair from the company on cracked screens in the first six months of ownership.

I was incredibly late to the smart phone world, in part because I’d see friends with screens that were unviewable, or people who had to put the thing in an armored case because, “the last one broke.”  And stories about voiding warranties when you had to replace a screen are rampant.

HTC has a nice niche here.  They can make sure that customers who are a bit accident prone are predisposed to try them out.  And it’s also a nice branding story as well, since a lot less cracked screens will be out there to make people negatively view the brand.  I call this a good idea, and way past its time.

And time will tell if others jump on this.  Let me predict that Apple will go last into the breech.

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