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Random Thoughts on an Icy Day

February 10, 2014

The Northwest appears to mostly be dug out of its snowy hit from last week.  We got about two feet of snow, and the freezing rain promised never really hit, so the ice is mostly from the melt.  Having now unburied a bit, I found a few things that deserve some comment, so here goes:

…I see that Microsoft just wants people to stop using XP and buy a new computer.  Since the computer industry has been pretty clear to Microsoft that Windows 8 is the reason nobody was buying any computers, this is probably a form of payback or penance.  But really, all those years of XP skills I have are pretty much useless these days.  Not that that’s a bad thing, the tech industry moves ahead…

…Bitcoin continues to be confusing to the world.  Look, anyone can espouse the wonders of this wonderful currency, I suppose.  But really, isn’t this just another currency on par with Zimbabwe in terms of backing or global support?  Of course people are going to be able to ply the odds and “make money,” but that only comes to fruition when you actually cash it out…

…Kevin Williamson notes that some people are still enamored of the French Revolution.  I’ve never gotten that.  The French Revolution was a revolving door of people in power knocking off the last set of people in power, and the only people who seemed to come out on top were the ones who starved through most of it.  I suppose that’s a great formula for being hungry, but I don’t get why anyone would want to hop on that ladder to the guillotine, lest they guess the wrong stance when they get there…

…I see we have a top prospect coming out before the NFL combine and draft.  Most of the players in the league have a strong socially liberal bent, so this is probably not any big deal.  Well, not any big deal other than to people who think that gays living openly in society somehow still means that they’re forced into slavery or something.  I’m waiting for someone to come out as Republican to see what happens there…

…Oh, and I’ll lose count at “brave Facebook meme” posts after they cross fifty…

…I’m not the Olympics junkie that some people are, though I’ll probably have the TV on mute most of the morning to see if anything interesting is happening.  These are people at the top of their sport, skating for pride or nationalism.  I’ll generally take that motivation over getting another $10M contract…

…Although some of them will end up getting big endorsement contracts as a result…

…Or they could already just be world-famous violinists, with a desire to ski really fast.  I’d note that I can’t even stand on skis without injuring myself, so I’m always impressed when focus in one portion of life leads to focus in another…

Enjoy the day, everyone.

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