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Cease Fire! The Website’s Down!

January 14, 2014

We’ve all heard the stories about the horrible job the government did with the website.  It’s amazing that all that money was spent so that the whole thing could be broken almost beyond repair.  And of course, we’ll have to spend more money to get it fixed.  Geez, that UK government.  Wait, the UK?

The Ministry of Defence’s implementation of a computer system for an online recruitment drive has reportedly been far worse than the “teething problems” the UK government coughed to in December.

According to The Times (subscription needed), the British Army’s £1.3bn scheme to allow the MoD to privatise its recruiting and move it online has been hamstrung by a series of blunders after Capita was awarded the contract in 2011.

It’s worth reading the whole thing, if only to see that it’s not just the US government that can hork a large online project.  It’s worth noting that there are many similarities: wrong contractor, lack of oversight, etc.

Oh, and applications will continue to be processed on paper in the meantime.

It’s unfair to say that either of these examples are just “websites” that are broken.  There’s a variety of complex pieces of website, database, security infrastructure, and many other pieces.  But it’s still interesting to think that commercial interests spend similar or less on projects of similar or more complexity without all the issues that the governments seem to generate.

I suppose my career in the UK Military will just have to wait.

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