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Justice, Pissed-off Style

January 12, 2014

This stuff has happened recently in the Middle East, and I’m sure in Africa.  But in North America?

Gunfire and firefights erupted in western  Mexico on Sunday as hundreds of vigilantes pressed forward in their fight over  territory with a drug cartel, as Mexico’s top security officials prepared to  make yet another effort to try to stop the violence.

Members of so-called ‘self-defense groups’  entered the town of Nueva Italia on a campaign they say is designed to liberate  towns from the control of the Knights Templar cartel.

Opponents and critics say the vigilantes are  backed by a rival cartel, however the groups vehemently deny any  connection.

Well, that should make some people pause.  Later in the article, it mentions that the vigilantes actually disarmed the local police.  That’s some serious stuff.  At least in the report, it says that things were mostly gunfire and not actual combat yet.

I have several friends that live in Arizona, and I’ve heard different stories about the illegal and the drug traffic on the border… none of it all that good.  It has to be a lot worse in Mexico, especially with the reports that come out in the news.   I wonder if this is the start of something, or just a few people who are darn mad?  I’m guessing the former.

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