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Politics Has Nothing to Do With It

December 15, 2013

As I was flying home on Friday, I started to see details around the school shooting in Colorado.  Yesterday, I caught the fact from the news that the shooter had, “strong political views.”  My comment to the lovely bride was that it meant the guy was a leftie, since even conservative news agencies won’t talk about left-leaning politics when it’s not good for the story.  Today, I find out, yep…

The 18-year-old, who had been dropped from  the debate team, was said to have had strong views on politics and gun control,  classmates said.

Pierson was also allegedly suspended from the  school in September for making threats against the team coach, Tracy Murphy,  believed to have been the target for Friday’s attack.

‘He had very strong beliefs about gun laws  and stuff,’ junior Abbey Skoda told the Denver Post.

The paper reported that Pierson had once  posted an image on Facebook with the slogan: ‘The  Republican Party: Health Care: Let  ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun  Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is  this really the side you want to be on?’

Now, to be clear, none of this matters.  He didn’t legally buy a gun, buy ammo, build explosives, and then go on a short rampage because of his political views.  He did it because he snapped in some way.  No sane person would do what he did.  So politics really doesn’t matter here.

What does matter, and what’s slowly coming out:

  • The perp legally purchased a gun that hardly anyone wants to ban
  • He had a fairly long history of hunting and shooting
  • He was a big believer in gun control
  • He lived in one of the most restrictive gun control states in the nation.  One that even has recently revised laws to be more strict.

And yet none of that helped.  He still shot an innocent girl, took aim a few others, and then killed himself as soon as he met armed resistance.

I remain a strong defender of our Second Amendment rights, and I hope that this adds to the dialog rather than gets us screeching from either side of a chasm.  I’m not all that hopeful, though.

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