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California Government at Work

November 27, 2013

Okay, I had to post this one.  Here’s Matier and Ross on the latest fun around the California high-speed rail.  You might recall that California is flying in the face of reason to build a high-speed rail, though there was a recent setback when a judge held up funding to get things moving.  Now that everything’s on hold, what’s a city to do?

Critics have complained that California’s high-speed rail project is shaping up to be the bullet train to nowhere. Now that a judge has thrown the project’s future into doubt, San Francisco is left to wonder whether it will be stuck with a $400 million train station connected to nothing.

With or without a high-speed-rail line, officials have said the underground station is going to be built at the new, $2 billion Transbay Terminal at First and Mission streets. All the money is in place, and the station is due to be finished in 2017.

Oh, okay…

So let’s review. We’re constructing a train station for a high-speed-rail line that may never be built. The backup plan is to use the station for the local trains, only that may not happen, either.

The possible end result: an empty – but paid-for – train station under a very expensive bus terminal and shopping center.

Well, hey, that’s great.  That’s like the stimulus funds, but with even less results that people can use.

This is why certain people aren’t fond of government.  A government is designed to build infrastructure for the common good, like roads and sidewalks.  When it extends to producing monuments to stupidity, then some of us get a little antsy.  And people then call us crazy…

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