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There Are Many Things the Government Can’t Do Correctly

November 15, 2013

That’s not entirely true, actually, but it’s still a fun title.  The BATF had a 3-D printed gun explode during testing, but that was because they printed it out of lousy material.  The one with the stronger material fared better.

The world’s first printable gun has been  deemed a serious safety and security concern after a gun printed by the Bureau  of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms exploded before it was even fired.

This danger is matched by the problem with  fully-functioning 3-D printed guns – they work all too well.

The blueprint for the 3-D gun  known as the Liberator was made available online six months ago by the group  Defense Distributed with the aim of enabling anyone to print a gun with a 3-D  printer six months ago.

Like I said, it was printed from Visijet, which is a pretty weak material, mostly known for being cheap.  The ABS gun appeared to work fine.

This article notes that the gun can be lethal.  Well, obviously.  If you can accelerate the bullet out of the chamber and down a barrel, it’ll move fast enough to kill.  If you swing a fist hard enough, it will also kill.  There are several other places that have noted that the thing is only accurate to about ten feet given that the barrel is not a very tight tolerance, and it’s also not rifled.  That’s not necessarily the point.  I can understand that they want to test and offer cautions about a 3-D printed lethal weapon.

I just wonder what can be done… if one design is being done.  Hundreds of other designs will be done without posting in open forums.  The cat’s out of the bag on this one, and it’s likely that we’ll see a whole new set of regulations that try to put it back in.  What will be most interesting is how broad these regulations are, and how they affect other hobby builders.

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