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November 14, 2013

So this is the day to watch the Democrats in a full panic.  I have a pretty busy schedule of, like, my job, so I’ll try to check back after the president’s announcement, but I have a couple quick comments.

  • This still doesn’t fix the website.  There are plenty of people who need to get insurance on the website, and it’s broken.
  • I’m not entirely positive that the insurance companies will be able to redo all the policies in this short period of time, and I believe they’ll still have to get something past the state commissions.  The insurance companies are the ones who are being set up to be blamed for first canceling, and now not being able to respond when the government changes its mind.  This is not going to end well, and it might be a bad time to own insurance stocks (which I don’t, and I’m not really giving anyone investment advice…).
  • While this will mollify some people, it’s not going to make anyone happy.
  • And PLEASE, let’s not talk about victories or winners.  There are still plenty of people who lost over months of stress, wasted time and productivity, and the like.  We’re all losers here.

I think we’ll all look back on this week and actually say how it hurt more than it helped.  Both sides of the equation…

Interesting to watch, though.  Sometimes I say that a massive accident can be interesting, provided you’re not in the middle of it.  That’s no consolation.

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