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Oregon Wins!

November 12, 2013

I’m on the road this week, but I have to show some pride in my stateFrom the AP:

…more than a month after Cover Oregon’s online enrollment was supposed to launch, reality is lagging far behind Gov. John Kitzhaber’s grand ideas. The online system still doesn’t work, and the exchange has yet to enroll a single person in health insurance.

Interviews with state officials and a review of public records by The Associated Press suggest Cover Oregon officials bit off more than they could chew and clung to their ambitious vision even when their risk management consultants raised alarms.

Cover Oregon officials say they’re working hard to finish the project and insist the features they’re creating will be worth the wait — even if it remains unclear when the site will go online.

We’re doing a bang-up job of getting people into the expanded Medicaid, though.  We signed up nearly 20,000 people in the first month there.  So, even though there’s no functioning insurance system in the state, we’re filling the roles with people who will eventually be sucking off the state budget just when the next biennium comes up.  Yea, right when we need an infusion to prop up the school system.

I suppose we can at least claim we’re first in something.

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