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Give a Bit When You Get Paid

October 28, 2013

Maybe it’s an Oregon thing.  Or at least we’re all in the same environment, so we think similar things.  How about the next time you want a beer, you help plant a tree?  Witness the Oregon Public House:

This establishment is a “philanthropub.” Along with the brews, a variety of non-profits are on tap here, too. When you place your order at the bar, you don’t just choose beer, wine, or food. You also choose an organization such as Friends of the Children or Friends of Trees, which gets the profit from your order. In its first six weeks of operation after opening in May 2013, the Oregon Public House donated a total of $3,842.80 to eight local charities. Other philanthropubs have been established in Washington, D.C., and Houston, Texas.

There’s a distillery in Portland (that makes some fine whiskey) that gives back to veterans’ causes.  When we stared the promotions business that my wife runs, we committed to turning a portion of our sale profits to charity.  It makes it harder to actually pull in a profit, especially the way we structured it, but it has benefited the local charities around our customers, and it’s a “hook” that occasionally gets her the sale.  We do this in particular to honor the Lord who guides us in all things.  There might be some of that in others’ desire to give back, or it could be other motivations.

But think of this: organizations like the Oregon Public House, ours, and many others are voluntarily paying a tax and distributing it to other organizations in need.  And we’re not complaining about it, because it’s our choice to do so.  Part of the interest I know we personally have is that we can target funds to charities who have missions that match ours in some way.  And that’s what makes charity so motivating.

Now, I would bet that, for many companies doing this, the tax implications are always helpful.  But if the tax break went away for us, I doubt we would stop.  We’d take on the additional burden to keep our corporate mission alive.  I wonder how many people that want to pay more tax would just keep sending in the checks if the government pulled away the burden to do so?

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