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The Debate is Not Settled

October 3, 2013

Sure, you can say that the science is settled, and that everyone truly agrees what’s happening.  But we know.  We know the science is not settled.  We need to see the data that proves the conclusion.

So a new statistical analysis just adds to the confusion.

Software engineer Burr Settles from  Pittsburgh studied the language used in 2.6 million tweets, and also sampled  tweets that appeared when he searched for the terms ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’.

By comparing tweets in each query, Settles  devised a mathematical equation that established the probability of a particular word appearing in a geeky  tweet, or a nerdy one.

A Pittsburgh software engineer studied the language of 2.6 million tweets to discover the words and topics which can determine if someone is more geeky or nerdy.

What, you thought I was talking about something else?

Of course, this does nothing for me, since I don’t do anything on Twitter.  And I actually don’t think that the conversation in any way makes a geek or a nerd, but how the conversation is driven.  I still prefer the simple personality comparisons.

The debate continues.  Don’t believe the nerds who say it’s settled.

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