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Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

October 1, 2013

Actually, it’s a lousy morning.  Some dude decided to pass a line of slow traffic on a blind curve in the pouring rain and almost tested my car’s airbag system, but I managed to get around him without going off the road.  It’s also pouring rain.  But the sun came up, and I’m sure it’ll set later this evening.

Not that you could tell any of this from the news today.  Depending on your bent, either the sun won’t rise because the PPACA Health Exchanges opened up today — or at least sort-of-opened-up — or the sun won’t rise because the government is in partial shutdown, and the guys that actually run the administrative portion of the government forgot to plan for it.  Folks, this is your elected government.  You’re getting what you deserve.

I don’t want to make light of either side.  On one hand, we have a plan that was supposed to save costs and insure the masses that doesn’t seem to be doing much for costs other than raising them.  Oh, and projections say that most of the people that don’t have insurance still won’t once the dust settles.  On the other, plenty of people will miss out on services they deem critical while other people will be seeing real paycheck cuts until the kids stop whining about who’s side of the seat one’s particular butt(-head) is occupying.

You know what?  I have my own concerns, and they don’t bother me all that much.  Sure, I occasionally stay awake wondering at the intelligence of any set of particular decisions, but life is still okay, and the sun continues to rise — and set — on a pretty decent schedule.  I suppose for now, that I’ll just count my blessings and focus on the most important things in my life: My saving faith in Jesus Christ, my wonderful wife, and… hmmm, that’s good enough.  The rest I’ll handle as it happens.

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