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Ideas Can Be All Wet

September 25, 2013

The best ideas are the ones that come from the blue, and are followed to completion.  Here’s a great example from Gabrielle Karol at Fox Business.

Post-9/11,[Frank] Zammataro found himself working in a temp space that overlooked a water tower. “I envisioned, ‘Could you use the water on these buildings to power emergency evacuations? ‘” says Zammataro, who became determined to find the answer.

Speaking with professors at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Zammataro says they were unconvinced water towers could generate electricity for evacuations, but suggested he talk to water utilities about his idea.

“We soon discovered there are thousands upon thousands of valves deployed to slow down and regulate pressure,” says Zammataro, providing a major opportunity to convert that pressure into electricity.

That’s turned into a business that generates electricity from falling water in city areas.  One example in the article: a water-treatment plant that captures energy from falling water to turn it into a energy-neutral plant.  That’s cool.  Moreover, that’s an example of having a good idea, and then pushing it to success.

Of course, the article concludes with a study of all the regulatory hurdles that happen when engaging governments, but I’d like to be positive for a bit.

I hear so many “dumb” ideas from people all the time, and I push them to try it anyway.  Even things that seem far-fetched can be pursued to success when they’re combined with the passion of the person who thought of it in the first place.  If you look at a company like Rentricity, above, you see an entrepreneur who pushed until his idea could be realized.

Don’t follow your dreams.  Lead them.

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