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Speechless in the Apple

September 23, 2013

Um, what?

And it would seem that New Yorkers also keep faith with the Jesus phone – judging by the police force’s latest crime-prevention campaign which directly targeted them. Officers hit the streets over the weekend to hand out leaflets calling on iPhone owners to download iOS7, which comes with beefed-up security measures.

The pamphlets say “Attention Apple users” and point out that iOS 7 “brings added security to your devices”. Cops said the iOS update was “avaialble” [sic] right now. Let’s hope the cops are better at chasing down perps than they are at spelling.

There’s a picture of the flyer at The Reg in case you want to believe your own lyin’ eyes.

Oooookay.  I’m trying to find something positive, or negative, or just not absurd about this.  Who thought that this was a good idea to have police wandering around hyping an upgrade?  I’m less concerned about inherent costs of asking police to flog an upgrade.  I’m more wondering why law enforcement views upgrading iPhones similar to the way the firehouses view, “Stop, drop, and roll.”

At least they weren’t hyping a device upgrade in the process.  Maybe they save that for Samsung.

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