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Cranky Observations

September 12, 2013

It’s day three of the Intel Developer Forum here in San Francisco.  I actually do like being here, but four days on the road with bad food, worse coffee, and not enough sleep always makes me grouchy.  Yes, loyal readers (both of you), I know I’m always cranky.  I have a couple observations.

…Especially as the days go on, and the people around me start to recycle their outfits, it gets to be pretty funny.  Outside we have homeless people looking like zombies and talking to the air.  Inside we have engineers looking like zombies and talking to the air.  The only difference appears to be the headsets in one set of ears…

…It’s odd to not be consistently connected like I am on a normal work day.  Catching the news in snippets with less detail really makes me start to hallucinate.  For instance, I keep thinking that the New York Times turned into Pravda by publishing an op-ed from some Soviet (and I mean Soviet) leader.  Yea, I guess I just need some sleep…

…When I see new advances in technology, I really do get a little giddy.  It amazes me how fast technology moves, and how we just take that for granted.  I was sitting with a buddy yesterday, and we were remembering introducing technologies a decade ago that changed the world, and now people are using them like breathing air.  It’s humbling, and scary in a variety of ways…

…No matter how bad or lukewarm the convention coffee is, I still can’t convince myself to walk a half block and buy a cup of coffee.  Yea, I’m that cheap, even when I’m on expenses…

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