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Nutrition for a Buck

July 29, 2013

I probably eat fast food one meal more a week than I should, though that’s usually based on time and convenience.  Yesterday we were driving home from a family gig, and the McDonald’s was by far the easiest place to stop when all was said and done, for instance.  But is it really the best place to get a nutritious meal?  Well, maybe, depending on how you look at it.

At 390 calories, 23 grams of protein,  7-percent of the daily value of fiber, 20-percent of daily calcium and 19 grams  of fat – with a typical price tag of about a buck – the McDouble, its advocates  argue, is the most price-efficient food ‘that has ever existed in human  history.

‘For the average poor person, it isn’t a  great option to take a trip to  the farmers market to puzzle over esoteric  lefty-foodie codes. (Is  sustainable better than organic? What if I have to  choose between fair  trade and cruelty-free?) Produce may seem cheap to  environmentally aware blond moms who spend $300 on their highlights every month,  but if your  object is to fill your belly, it is hugely expensive per calorie,’  Smith writes.

I’m all for grabbing a nice head of broccoli at the store and having it with something for dinner.  The point is that a fast shot of nutrition likely doesn’t mean shopping the store, finding time to cook and clean, and knowing how to keep the nutritive value high.  Covering the broccoli in ten pounds of cheese, while tasty, doesn’t necessarily mean you benefitted either in terms of cost savings or nutrition.

I’d suggest that you watch what you eat, and be careful to get enough of all the right foods and enough calories to keep you going for the day.  Get some exercise per your doctor’s orders… that is, if you can still afford to go to a doctor.  But either way, enjoy a good, cost-effective meal every once in a while.  Capitalism rocks.

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