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Ah, the Four G’s Go Business

July 10, 2013

Four G’s?  In the personal world, it’s: God, Guns, Gates, and Get the Hell off my Property.  In business, the guns will suffice:

Gogebic Taconite, a mining company, has hired a private security agency after an altercation with environmentalist protesters at a Wisconsin site. The hiring of the paramilitary guards, who are equipped with semi-automatic weapons, has seriously distressed two state legislators.

Two Democratic State Legislators, I’d note… not that you needed to confirm that…

To some degree, I’m for this.  Now, that said, the company and the security firm have to bear the responsibility of being armed.  But with these days of left-leaning and anarchist free-for-all political expression, a little return expression with an AR is not a bad idea.  What’s likely distressing is that the company is deterring “free speech” which extends pretty much anywhere except on company property.

People grimace at the signs in gun store windows.  You know the ones like: “Due to the high cost of ammunition, we no longer fire warning shots.  We apologize for the inconvenience.”  But you don’t hear a lot of stories about armed robberies of gun stores, either.  A firearm or two is a reasonable deterrent to people who are afraid of them irrationally in the first place.

So, if you’re in Wisconsin, watch where you go on private property.

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