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A Real Problem with Politics

July 8, 2013

As they say: Poli is a Greek prefix meaning “many,” and tics are blood-sucking insects…  From Hot Air:

Move over, Anthony Weiner! The New York City ballot this fall will have to make room for not just one disgraced ex-pol running for redemption on the taxpayers’ dime.  Joining the King of the Selfies on the ballot will be former Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign after his patronage of high-priced prostitutes became public knowledge.  Spitzer wants taxpayers in the Big Apple to trust him with their money:

Go over to Hot Air for the details on what Spitzer plans.  I myself plan to be nowhere near New York in the next decade.  But I’d like to riff off this comment from the Washington Post:

Political creatures — and Spitzer is one through and through — find a way back into politics. The question for Spitzer, as it was for fellow disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, was when — not if — he would run again.

I was talking to a legislative representative from Oregon a couple months back.  He was a firefighter who was doing the double duty during the biennial session to work for Oregon.  I commented that I wasn’t interested in political office, and he made a comment along the lines of how the most qualified people didn’t appear interested, and that this was bad for the state and for politics.  But that caused me to reflect on all the career politicians that even served in a part-time government.

Essentially, running for a political office requires a personality type and a willingness to open up key areas of life.  If those areas are a little messy, then you just be political around that.  But as power increases, then the messy parts end up becoming large vulnerabilities, and sometimes it’s hard to just wish them away.  No matter… it’s not like anyone else wants the job.

If only we could outsource political office to illegals. It’s really looking like a job that nobody competent wants to do in most cases.

Anyway, I suspect that we’re going to see more retreads in the office instead of qualified professionals from other walks of life.  As it becomes more obvious that your life is an open book, good people will decide that the current gig is probably a better opportunity.  That’s probably bad for politics, and for the state and country.

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