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Shortest response ever?

June 18, 2013

A letter from 36 Privacy Commissioners from around the world to Google (no joke, but paraphrased)

Dear Larry,

  1. What are the privacy safeguards Google and application developers are putting in place?
  2. What information does Google collect via Glass and what information is shared with third parties, including application developers?
  3. How does Google intend to use this information?
  4. While we understand that Google has decided not to include facial recognition in Glass, how does Google intend to address the specific issues around facial recognition in the future?
  5. Is Google doing anything about the broader social and ethical issues raised by such a product, for example, the surreptitious collection of information about other individuals?
  6. Has Google undertaken any privacy risk assessment the outcomes of which it would be willing to share?
  7. Would Google be willing to demonstrate the device to our offices and allow any interested data protection authorities to test it?

Yours truly,

Worldwide governing authorities

Response? I’m guessing the shortest response ever

Quick response: what are you worried about? Have something to hide?  Our policy says we do no evil. 

Likely response? Crickets


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